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Playfight - 07.07.2024

💥 Playfight with Lian and Marek 💥

Join us for an intimate afternoon of roughhousing, where you can connect with others and your playful side, practice setting boundaries, explore expressing your emotions in an embodied way, and release some stress. We will create a safe space together where we can have fun, but also a place where feelings and emotions that daily life rarely allows are welcomed in a non-judgemental way and can be openly experienced and shared. Through the playful tussle with a self-chosen opponent (who can accept or reject the challenge), we come into contact with ourselves, our positive and sometimes negative facets. Participants are not obliged to fight, and it can be just as interesting and challenging to watch others do so. Ever seen two cats who really like each other wrestle? They’re not trying to hurt each other—it’s all a fun physical game, sometimes mixed with real affection. That’s how we approach PlayFight. It can be a deep emotional experience or just a good workout - you choose. The key thing to remember is that "PLAY" is a big part of the evening. 🌟

How to get your ticket for this event?

🌐 Fill out our form and register to secure your spot! If you've attended our events before, you'll get a ticket without any extra questions. If you're new, we'll do a quick interview to ensure that we are the right fit. Don't wait to apply—this will be a super small gathering, and spots will fill up fast! ⏳

What should you bring to the event?

Wear comfy clothes, bring your own water bottle, anything you need to feel cozy and make sure you're smelling good but don’t wear any strong perfume.
Gym clothes are totally fine, but avoid wearing anything valuable since there’s a chance your clothes might get a bit roughed up during the fights. 🏃

Got more questions?

Write to us here or email us at 📧

Can't wait to spend another fantastic day with you all! 😍