FAQ For Our Connection Events

11. What is the dresscode of the party?

Dive into the depths of imagination at our “Sealebration”, where the theme "Underwater" invites you to explore the seductive ocean depths. Let your creativity flow with pastel greens, blues, whites, underwater creatures, wavy patterns, shells, and everything that sparks your passion. We aim to embrace the diversity of bodies and extend a special welcome to those who may be cautiously dipping their toes into this aquatic adventure. Cover as little or as much skin as you wish (having in mind sex- and body- positive convention of the event) - use chiffon, mesh, latex, silk, lace or anything that sets your passion afloat. What we want to see is creativity!

To step outside for a smoke or some fresh air, have something loose and warm that you can quickly put on and take off.

Also, bring a small bag to carry anything you don't want to leave in the open changing area and keep it close to your body.

Here's what you should avoid:

No plain streetwear, jeans on jeans or basic underwear/swimwear, and please leave your street shoes in the changing area – bring cosy slippers, socks or go barefoot instead. Also, refrain from using battery-powered lights for your outfit; they serve as identification for the awareness team. Since our venue has plenty of cosy mattresses to lay on, please refrain from excessive body painting and using body glitter (face glitter is more than welcome!).

Need inspiration for your outfit? Check out our Instagram highlight folder "outfit inspo"!

2. How do I get a ticket?

We are happy to announce that all the tickets are SOLD OUT!

3. Is there an age restriction?

Yes, you need to be atleast 21 years old to attend our events.

5. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are happy to confirm, that the venue of our “Sealebration” event is wheelchair accessible. If you are a wheelchair user, let us know before the event so that we can ensure that all ramps are ready and steady to go!

4. Are there timeslots and when does the party end?

Yes. There is a designated time slot for entry that applies to all guests. Entry to the party is available between 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM on the evening of the event. After that, no new guests will be granted entry.

Our event "Sealebration" begins on April 20, 2024, at 7:00 PM and ends on April 21, 2024, at 4:00 AM sharp.

6. How much is a ticket for this event?

Tickets range from 24€ to 38€. To ensure greater accessibility, those who are financially better off pay a bit more and partially finance tickets for individuals with fewer financial means. You'll find detailed information and a self-assessment questionnaire when purchasing tickets.

P.S. The Ticket Taylor platform will add 1€ to each ticket price. This money does not go to us; unfortunately, we have no control over it.

10. How can sexuality be expressed at "Sealebration"?

At "Sealebration", you can retreat with others into explicitly designated two private areas to freely and consensually explore your sexuality. In our Playroom you can engage in all types of intimacy throughout the whole night. A second designated play area will be opened after 12 am and will only be accessible for you with one or several companions. The rest of the party - the bar with seating, hallways and stairs, shower, dance floor, and workshop zone - is a sex-free zone. Safer sex materials are provided, but please also take appropriate precautions yourself. You are also encouraged to express your sexual self through the design of your outfit - you can show as much or as little skin as you wish (details can be found in the dress code)

12. Where can I change my outfit and store my street clothes?

Our venue does not have lockers. However, at the entrance, there is an open changing area with shelves to leave your outside shoes in. It is very important that you bring socks or slippers (you are also welcome to walk barefoot), since there is a strict no-outside shoes policy. We recommend wearing your outfit under street clothes and bringing a small bag for your change of clothing. At the entrance, there is a space with hangers where you can store your jacket and bag. It is not monitored nor managed, so consider having an even smaller bag for essentials. If you need more privacy to change, you can also use a single changing room stall.

7. What is included in the ticket price?

Everything except drinks and snacks is included in the ticket price. You have access to workshops (the last one with limited participant capacity due to space constraints - first come, first served), the shower, our kissing booth and makeup station, and everything else you can discover.

8. Can I pay with cash and/or card?

To buy drinks and snacks at our bar you can use both cash and card payments. However, it would be best to have cash backup for all the items you might want to purchase- in case the terminals malfunction. We will also have a local artist shop area and a food point that operates cash-only.

9. What safety measures are in place regarding awareness?

We aim to create the safest and most welcoming environment possible for our guests. This involves a pre-party selection process through questions related to consent, anti-discrimination, and personal expectations. Additionally, our awareness team is available throughout the entire party to address your concerns and, if necessary, ensure a structured communication basis or removal of individuals who are behaving inappropriately at the party. As always, you can locate them in various places at the location, wearing colorful fairy lights.

13. Can I take videos or photos at the party?

No, at our events we want to ensure that everyone can be present in the moment and free from distractions. Additionally, we aim to protect the privacy of all attendees and provide a safe space for sexual expression. To achieve this, stickers are distributed at the entrance to cover the cameras on your phones. (You can also do this at home before attending.) Any person who violates this rule will be excluded from this and future events. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!

However, you still have the opportunity to capture great photos of this magical night and your outfits during our event! Erfan (@erfanthejoyful) will be at our kissing booth to take wonderful portraits of you and your friends for free. The kissing booth is also adorned with aquatic decorations and a pleasant atmosphere.

1. What kind of party are you?

We embrace both sex positive and body positive/neutral values and constantly reflect on how to translate them into our events. With these essential values as a base, we focus on fostering authentic connection and intimacy in all forms and shapes, that can be sexual – but don’t have to be.

If you wanna know more about our understanding of sex- and body positivity, continue reading here

14. Can I consume substances at your event?

Mind-altering substances are common in our party scene. However, they impact our ability to establish consent. Consent is key for our community and dugs can blur boundaries, cloud judgment, and hinder communication, leading to uncomfortable situations. So, we kindly request that you refrain from excessive consumption of consciousness-altering substances, including alcohol and THC, both before and during our party. (We reserve the right to kindly ask individuals to leave the event if they exhibit uncomfortable behavior.). Let's create a safe, respectful atmosphere without relying on intoxication!