Who are we?

The awareness team is a grouping of many diffrent fireflies, that don't necessarily have a training, but more importantly:

  • Empathy

  • Sensitivity

  • Fairness

  • Sensitized perception

  • Structural/sociopolitical -understanding

  • Uprightness and honesty

  • Assertiveness

Our awareness members see their task as to help creating a safeR space for everybody and should be your first contact point in sensitive situations.


The awareness team wants to make everybody aware of present power- and sovereignty structures, that can contain violent and discriminating activitys.

Awareness-work is defined by handeling those situations without interfering into the personal space of the involved persons.

Fundamentally it also means to be aware with humans and nature in general.



The awareness team understands it's presence on partys as prevention.

Why? Because we want to show that this party is not free of discrimination.

At the same time, we want to sensitize our guests with the complex of problems, that usually goes hidden and is left alone.

Incidents and complains are discussed withing our team.


Am I the right person for this topic?

Am I able to be aware right now?

Is there a person that is more suitable in this situation than me?

Am I hungry, thirsty or do i need some space?

Who should I talk to if I don't feel so well, or if it's too overwhelming for me?

Accept, that you feel overstrained, get some help!


We recognize present structural and interpersonal power- and sovereignty structures.

In a precise situations, the awareness team is able to understand the kind of occuring discrimination and rank it accordingly. (ex.: Isms)


We support individuals trough definatory power, partiality, empowerement and confidentiality.

"SafeR space"

Many struggle with the soicetal judgments related to appearance like for example:

  • Lookism

  • fat-discrimination

  • racism

  • ableism

We aim to create an envoirment, both before and during our events, where our guests feel welcomed and empowered.


Consent is a very important topic.

To make sure everyone around feel safe, remember:

  • There are emotional, physical and sexual boundaries

  • Watch out for non verbal communication

  • Boundaries can be crossed through social norms (cis-/heteronormativity, capitalism, etc.)

Nobody is perfect and sometimes someone can cross boundaries without even realizing it first.

Try to analyze the situation and try to reflect yourself and learn with it!


Violence never occures in a blank space. One single act of violence is always part of some kind of social structure.

There isn't such a thing as a room, that is free of discrimination. Everyone can discriminate somebody, intentionally or unintentionally.

To create a space free of any kind of violence and discrimination, we think that everyone should know what kind of violence exists and how one can prevent it of occuring.

Forms of interpersonal violence:

Emotional and verbal violence (isolation, accusations, intimidation, etc.)

Economic violence (theft, exploitation, etc)

Phisical violence (spitting, slaping, punching, chocking)

Sexual violence (from non-consensual touching to rape)

Combinations of those forms

Other forms of violence are aswell:

Institutional-, governmental- and structural violence


Direct discrimination happens, if a person is not benefited in a situation because of:

  • Age

  • Religion

  • Ethnicity

  • Gender

  • Sexual orientation

  • Disability

Indirect discrimination happens when there is a policy that applies for everybody, but disadvantages a group of people who share a protected characteristic.

A policy can include a practice, a rule or an arrangement

For example:

A BIPoC person is not allowed to enter a restaurant because of ethnicity, or appearance

For example:

Part time employees are excluded to get hired for a leading position.

Since most of the part time employees are women, their chances of advancement is low compared to men that work full time and are more suitable for a leading position.